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We've listened, our intuitive solution is designed to support you as a small butcher shop owner. Building sales revenue has never been easier. We've even incorporated Professional Marketing (all done for you!) and access to Business & Industry Experts. A competitive edge for Australia's Independent Butchers. Are you eligible?

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"At Bill's of Belgrave we recognise how the right marketing is as important as it is time-consuming! We love displaying and promoting domestic campaign material and tying in our weekly specials. We use Vision Marketing in store as well to create an enticing environment to encourage higher customer experience and spend. I think this initiative provides the support and missing link to success for many."

"AMC is enabling small butchers to improve and grow by making resources affordable & readily available. The ability to centralize particular functions will assist countless time-poor businesses in terms of quality marketing and encouraging full use of marketing materials. I highly recommend and endorse the AMC Portal technology and retail management system and view this Blue Ocean Initiative as a great step for our industry.”

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At Blue Ocean,  we recognise that Australian small businesses are the lifeblood of the community.

Remaining competitive against larger firms is difficult and often, small businesses go without point of sale systems, professional marketing and business assistance because it is simply outside of their financial means.

Blue Ocean is changing that, one industry at a time, with initiatives rolling out Australia Wide from July 2017.  Those eligible receive affordable access to the key aspects of retail operations, including a proven, industry-leading retail management suite, regular professional business services, direct access to industry professionals and a complete marketing team to do all of the advertising for you.

And when we say affordable, we’re serious.

We have partnered with leading brands & industry authorities to ensure participants have access to the best possible prices and solutions on;

♦ Point of Sale Equipment, with the flexibility to use and/or integrate hardware they already have.

♦ Marketing Materials and Industry Resources

♦ Discount pricing from leading retailers and brands on a huge variety of products

♦ Direct Access to industry leading technologies

♦ Discounted Websites & Stores

Blue Ocean Initiatives are designed and constructed to even up the playing field, to fuel revenue growth and sustainability for our Australian small businesses.


The Blue Ocean Initiative is the

ultimate affordable leg up for those who need it most

and this is why it is strictly ONLY available to;

1. Single Retail Butcher Site

2. Site using or requiring only one Point of Sale (register)

3. Registered Australian Business

The Sign up process put simply…

1.Sign Up
2. Get Accepted & Receive your Welcome Pack
3. Set Up Subscription
4. Review Hardware Checklist (Buy traditional POS hardware through your Blue Ocean account at incredible prices or check out JB commercial portal for plenty of other cost effective options)

5. Let us know you’re ready & Book an Install time
6. We install remotely
7. Watch the Orientation Videos to learn POS System
8. Go Time! Just send us your weekly specials, we do the rest!

Remember to use your Sites n Stores discount code to get your online store set up in time for Christmas Orders

Register using the form below. On acceptance, you will receive an email link to your secure Blue Ocean account including your personal login details and your Welcome Pack with everything that you need.

On your account page, follow the instructions to purchase your official monthly subscription to the Blue Ocean Initiative. This will give you access to set up your
-JB Commercial discount portal, (pay less for all in 1 Computers, tablets, laptops plus much more)
-Online Store discount code from Sites n Stores

PLUS you will be able to view  and purchase POS Terminals, Thermal Reciept Printers, Laser Scanners and Customer display screens at discounted prices directly through your Blue Ocean account.

If this is you, or someone you know, simply apply below and our Support Team will be in touch soon



The Sign up process put simply...

1. Sign up using the form below

2. Get Accepted

3. Get your Welcome Pack

4. Review Hardware Checklist

5. Book an Install time

6. We install remotely

7. Go Time!

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